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  • Listener rating: 10/10
  • Listener feedback: “Love it!!!” “Good quality,” “Super translation and translation quality.”
  • Location: Texas, Hawaii, US; Madrid, Spain; Stockholm, Sweden; Lisbon, Portugal; Dublin, Ireland

Number of listeners: 300

Number of simultaneous rooms: 12

Who said that a conference has to be attended by securing one’s seat? In this study, we show how we partnered with ACS Audio Visual Solutions company and together helped Microsoft to provide their audience with synchronised real-time audio and visual streaming that served those who couldn’t fit into the overcrowded rooms.

Our partnership story worth sharing.


TED is the leading international non-profit media organization that specializes in conferences dealing with a wide range of topics. TED calls themselves a global community which is keen on welcoming people from every discipline and culture. TED passionately believes in the power of ideas to change lives, attitudes and the world itself. Curiosity is the power that drives humanity forwards. Our Interactio team ended up being a part of that curiosity, too.

Today, we are proud to be the official TED partners around the world.

When it comes to Beach Body, exercising the right equipment might be just as important as physical exercise. This is a case study on how our Interactio hands-free hassle-free system lead its way to our client’s success of delivering message to hundreds and thousands of bodies run by different languages.

  • Attendees: 6,000
  • Event length: 50 days
  • Listener rating: 9.5/10

Who could have thought that our innovative system is not only about technology? Alongside the content we bring people the authentic experience of the actual moment of speaking. This case study shows how 6000 people spread across the country discovered a very special connection.


Newsong Church, based in Santa Ana, CA, is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church with one simple goal: “Love God. Love people.” Santa Ana is a diverse city with large Latino and Asian communities, and plenty of Spanish and Vietnamese speakers. In 2016, the New Song team took it on themselves to reach out to the sizable community of non native English speakers. They decided that the use of simultaneous translation would be the best way to achieve this. In August 2016, as the team was looking into the best options available to them, they discovered Interactio.


Watermark Community Church is an extremely diverse faith-based community that gathers in the heart of Dallas, TX. The church has numerous first-generation members from over 70 countries. The Watermark service began being interpreted into other languages in 2012 when one churchgoer decided to help out a friend by whispering the sermon in Spanish. More and more people learned of the possibility to hear the sermon in Spanish and started sitting nearby to listen in. The wish to hear an interpreted version of the church service rapidly spread from a mere 2 or 3 people to 45 people. The church, delighted with this turn of events, decided to invest in a hardware solution. In 2015, Oscar Castillo became Watermark’s new Director of Cross-Cultural Engagement and was responsible for meeting the linguistic needs of the Spanish and International community. Just as the church was determining how best to proceed, one of their pastors received an email from Interactio. Interactio’s CEO happened to be in town, and Oscar agreed to meet. The two got together and immediately connected as entrepreneurs. Thus began a relationship that has saved Watermark thousands of dollars, and successfully accommodated their specific demographic needs. Oscar, as overseer of the Spanish community, has developed much useful experience as he continues to engage with the question of integration. He says that the Church needs to:

1. Know the theology behind diversity and integration into the local Church.

2. Understand the city and local demographics. “The City is changing. If we had not gone through this process, our church would have become segregated.”

3. Be intentional. “We cannot allow these people to be treated like an afterthought, or simply as an outreach tool.”

This is the story about how we have worked with a very special couples on their very special day.

Listener rating: 10/10

Locations: United States, Norway, Lithuania, Hungary, Israel, Romania