Case Study: Beachbody

When it comes to Beach Body, exercising the right equipment might be just as important as physical exercise. This is a case study on how our Interactio hands-free hassle-free system lead its way to our client’s success of delivering message to hundreds and thousands of bodies run by different languages.


Beach Body is the leading fitness and health company based in California, United States. They specialise in fitness, nutrition and weight-loss programs that empower over 23 million customers around the globe. Moreover, their hands-on attitude on transforming peoples lives with visible results attracts staggering 5 million monthly unique visits across various Beach Body digital platforms.


Beach Body hosts tremendous events, workshops and conferences with the amount of participants reaching up to tens of thousands. However, the company had a rather bad experience with the traditional portable translation equipment that they used to distribute during the events. On numerous occasions in the past it turned out to be highly inefficient, as well as cost and time demanding. The overall bad experience motivated our client to look for an alternative solution for their major event of the year that was about to happen. The event was going to last 3 days and host 30 000 participants from different backgrounds including English, Spanish and French language speakers.


Our client Beach Body expressed the need of having our Interactio team member onsite throughout the event to ensure smooth operation of the system.


Our local Interactio representative named Alex who is living in the United States has travelled to Beach Body headquarters and met their team personally. Alex introduced our client with all the details of our product and assisted the company from the very beginning. Right before the Beach Body event was about to start, our technical support director Algis travelled to the site and made sure everything went as planed. Since our client wanted to work closely on a human level, we made sure to provide not only an excellent Interactio service but also friendly and caring communication. The bond that we share with our clients is extremely important to us.


After Beach Body switched their usual translation service system to Interactio, the overall event experience had substantially improved to compare with previous events. The feedback left by participants scored from 9 to 10 out of 10 and the comments were very positive: “very well translated”, “it’s amazing to be able to understand everything that’s said.” The majority of users praised the fact that it was so easy to use the app.


"We worked with Interactio for our main event of the year. Since it was the first time that we used Interactio to stream simultaneous translation in French and Spanish, their team was there to assist us from the start to the very end. Their business development manager paid us a visit to our office and showed us how the app worked. We also received the on-site support from their technical director during the event. The fact that Interactio team demonstrated so much knowledge and expertise, made me feel confident about them. Interactio was a completely new approach to us on the way our participants access the real-time translation and it turned out perfect. We received tons of positive feedback. We hope to work with them in the future!"

Diana Hayden, Global Events Coordinator, Beach Body

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