Case Study: Mary Kay

  • Listener rating: 10/10
  • Listener feedback: “Love it!!!” “Good quality,” “Super translation and translation quality.”
  • Location: Texas, Hawaii, US; Madrid, Spain; Stockholm, Sweden; Lisbon, Portugal; Dublin, Ireland

This is the case study on how we helped a leading beauty business to deliver an exceptional event experience with half of the budget.


Mary Kay is a big name. With astounding 3.5 million consultants stretching around the globe, Mary Kay makes one of the most prominent international beauty and skin care business today. As we all know, big companies host big events and Mary Kay is not an exception. In fact, the company stands out for its immaculate host of events that include conferences, trainings and professional seminars. Occasionally, events are hosted on cruise ships and other exotic venues and may last up to a week. In August of 2016, Mary Kay hosted their annual conference in Dallas, Texas. This is when their successful relationship with Interactio kicked off. The event was covered throughout major news channels and attracted a lot of attention. It was the right time for Interactio team to contribute to this half-century long success story. Now, in summer of 2018, the Interactio team came home after their 3rd annual MK Seminar and celebrated over a dozen events together over the last 3 years.


In order to provide the ultimate Mary Kay conference experience we employed their brand values and acted according to their intricate standards. We knew exactly what we have to do:

1. We have to make Mary Kay people feel important. In such a diverse community integration is key.

2. We have to make each individual get the same message. In order to comprehend the message clearly, attendees have to relate to it in their own words that are specific to their native language.

3. We have to help Mary Kay to mix, fuse and transmit numerous different ideas. Working in so many international markets, the techniques and insights used in one market may be of help to another market but this cannot be done without the aid of interpreting. 

4. We celebrate diversity! Mary Kay has a unique business format – the company employ all genders, ages, backgrounds and nationalities. They empower people to share their stories. We make these stories reach the listeners.


Mary Kay discovered Interactio at IBTM World exhibition in November of 2015 where our company was selected as one of the top 7 most innovative companies in the industry. 


International conference means thousands of international attendees. 14,000 people from different countries around the globe attended the conference over the course of 7 days and over 200 of them needed interpretation services on a daily basis. Mary Kay was compelled to find the best and most cost-efficient way to interpret their annual grand seminar into multiple foreign languages. They expressed their worry to provide real-time interpretation without having to deal with the distribution of additional devices.


Interactio’s mobile audio streaming app is designed to provide unlimited simultaneous streams to unlimited listeners. With the help of Mary Kay’s interpreters, we were able to set up Our professional development team ensured that the excellent wi-fi connection was set up for the event by conducting relevant tests. We also spoke directly to the wi-fi provider to make sure that the event goes just as we planned. Our team made sure that the Interactio system could be fully incorporated by using the resources that were already available. 


Interactio’s hassle-free hands-free technique of real-time interpretation process helped to achieve Mary Kay incredible results.

- Mary Kay saved half of the budget on interpreting services immediately after switching to Interactio’s system.

- Mary Kay received excellent feedback from the event participants. Interactio users praised both the quality and effortless access to the interpretation service.

- Mary Kay embraced the handiness of Interactio system and created their own branded headphones and power banks that were handed out to participants in need of interpretation services. It created some extra promotional value and boosted interaction with the participants.


“We’ve been looking for new ways to deliver onsite interpretation and Interactio turned out to be the perfect way to go about it. It was our first experience with an application of this type and Interactio team answered all the questions that came up immediately. As a result, we managed to save 50% of our costs normally spent for interpretation services. Most importantly, I felt a strong partnership with Interactio team throughout the entire process. I’m looking forward to working with them for our future events.” Jonathan Burt (Sales Manager, Europe)

Interested how Interactio can be applied to your specific event? Let’s have a quick chat and we will consult you on saving costs and making your event hardware-free.